We have no fixed idea about the kinds of uses these spaces should house or the people and organisations that should run them.  But we have a couple of key criteria that we will use to help us review those ideas that are submitted:

  • Benefits Poplar and its people – This could be through creating new jobs, new services that meet a current or future need, using spaces in ways that inspire people etc.  We will consider supporting ideas that deliver a strong benefit to the area by, for example, asking for less than the guide price for the space.
  • Supported by a sustainable business plan – We want ideas that are deliverable. We need to be confident that spaces will be well used and the idea can generate sufficient funding to enable it to be sustainable in the future without our support.
Download Application Form (PDF) Download Application Form (Word)

You will need to have a clear idea of what you want to do in the space and be able to fund it yourself.  You may want to propose a straight-forward rental agreement with us, or something more original.  You might want the space for a few weeks or be in it for the long haul.  Feel free to challenge the parameters too – we’re open to all ideas!  All proposals are subject to surveys, feasibility and contracts – at this stage we just want the bones of a plan, using the simple form below.

Step 1

Find the spaces on offer here

Step 2

Tell us what you want to do using this simple form.

Step 3

We’ll get in touch to discuss options